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#446193 Here's why you put your diecast in sealed cabinets
Posted by Brett on Monday Sep 04, 2017 at 05:38PM
I got a call from a older friend of mine who said her brother had passed away, leaving the wife with "many hundreds of model cars". The wife was ready to take it all to the pawn shop (or wherever) when my friend mentioned that I might be able to determine if that was the best idea.

She sent me some shots of the room, (I'm just including a close-up here) and she wasn't lying. There are easily 300 1/18s on display and then another 60 or so 1/24 Franklin/Danbury Mint.

Another individual has told her she's sitting on a gold mine. Well, I know the going rate of boxed/never displayed Danbury/Franklin Mint, let alone dusty stuff on display, with no boxes.

I figured I might as well go down and take a look, which is what I did on Sunday.

A lot of Maisto/bBurago/Jouef quality-level stuff. I found one GMP and some Ertls. I didn't specifically look for any Highway 61 or American Muscle. In any event, they're all filthy and there are no boxes.

These have been on open display in a house with five cats.

If you guys are interested, I can send a few shots of the big wall. They're not very clear. When I got there, I immediately noticed the quality of most of the 1/18s, so I focused on maybe finding a 1/24 or two that might be worth something. Maybe you'd be able to spot a needle in the 1/18 hay (cat hair) stack.

I did see some Porches, but most appeared to be bBurago. I know a few UTs are worth some money (assuming they aren't filthy). A number of requisite bBurago Ferraris, too. Only later, did I think to look for a P4.

Guess the image link isn't working. I have no idea what I'm doing.
Dusty cars
Dusty 1/24
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