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#446203 A lot of new stuff out there:
Posted by Craigj3534 on Thursday Sep 07, 2017 at 10:07AM
BoS Studebaker Hawk - nice design, has stood the test of time IMHO, but I'd have preferred it in another color - like black - instead of metallic pink:

Studebaker Hawk

Something I'm surprised to see - the Cizeta, sideways V16 and styling cues from both Ferrari and Lamborghini - in black, red, blue and yellow:


New racing 3.0 CSL Bimmers:

Enny 3.0 CSL

Castrol 3.0 CSL

Very nice looking Alfa 2600 Sprint (I'm very tempted but, so far, I'm successfully holding back):

Alfa 2600 Sprint

Satisfactory and very reasonably priced BMW 2000 CS, available in red, silver and creme:

BMW 2000 CS

Five versions of Abarth 2000S's (here's the Nurburgring winner):

Abarth 2000 S

And the Fenyr Supersport or, as I like to describe it, a car race computer game design:

Fenyr Supersport
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