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#20193 Just an observation...
Posted by
 on Wednesday Aug 02, 2017 at 08:06AM in response to #20192
Because I see the same tactic in several posts...

If I put my house on the market as For Sale, and didn't provide a listing price and instead accentuated that potential buyers better not waste my time with a low ball offer, would you say I have developed a great strategy for selling my house?

I think not - but that's the position you have put potential buyers in.

What is a fair offer for your non-pictured CMC models under these circumstances? e-bay value? MSRP? Craigslist value? Any offer under $150? $200?

So, if it were me and I didn't want low ball offers, than at least I would qualify things....like an asking price. Just like a house - might not be the final actual selling price, but at least the buyer has an idea of what you consider fair. Otherwise you don't get offers from potential buyers like me and I've bought my fair share of models from these classifieds. So, you might consider adjusting your tactics.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck with your sale.
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