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#20292 Ferrari sale!
Posted by Pat French on Saturday Dec 30, 2017 at 07:42AM
Selling off some of my Ferrari collection.
Cars do not come with boxes... all cars are RED.
Pics available upon request
PayPal ready, shipping is actual cost

Hot Wheels 333 SP Momo raced version ($30.00)
Hot Wheels Enzo ($20.00)
Anson 328 GTS ($30.00)
Maisto F50 ($10.00)
Kyosho 512 BB ($75.00)
Kyosho 365 GTB/4 "Newman" ($100.00)
Onyx 412 T2 "Alesi" ($45.00)
Revival 156 Sharknose kit - missing decals - ($100.00)
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