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[WebUser Overview[
Anyone with a valid email address can open a WebUser account.
It's as simple as clicking on the Login tab, filling out the new account form with your email address and a password.
You will then get an email with an activation link. Just click on that link or open in your web browser and your account will be activated.

Once you have your WebUser account and are logged in, you can customize your settings for the website. Just click on the MyAccount tab at the top and change your settings. Don't forget to click the Update Preferences button at the bottom to save your changes.
Existing customers will automatically have their customer account connected to their WebUser account

Here is a list of features you get with your WebUser account:
Your own WebUser profile page!
An entry in the Collectors Registry that links to your profile page.
You can have your own reserved Handle for the message board.
You can keep track of your collection by adding items to your Got list.
You can maintain a Wish List of items.
You can maintain a Notify List of items. (you will be emailed automatically as these items arrive)
You can customize the look of the website, you can change the colors, make the font larger or smaller and set various defaults for viewing items.

[Who are you?[
You are automatically added to the Collectors Registry when you create a webuser account. Your name that appears for both the collectors registry and when posting messages to the boards will appear as the name you have chosen in the Handle field of your MySettings page. If you have not set a Handle then you appear as WebUser #xxx.
You can also set a Country and Province/State for your Collectors Registry page.
You can also set the Profile Text to contain a small description of your collection and interests. This text can contain HTML tags so you can include links and images if you desire.

[Maintaining your Lists[
There are two different ways to add and remove items to and from your Got, Wish and Notify Lists

First, you can set your default setting in your MyAccount page. It is listed as Default Add to List and whatever mode you select will be the default that appears when you browse or goto either of the search pages.

When using the search page you can override the default setting if desired.

On the search page next to the Add to List : is a pull down menu with 3 choices.

Don't Show Links
Use this setting to not show links for editing your lists.

Use individual Links
A button will be shown at the end of each item's description, that button will have a pull down menu to select the destination list. Just change the pulldown (in the right portion of the button) to the list you want and then click on Add to my (which is on the left portion of the button).

Use Radio buttons and Group Link
A group of radio buttons will be shown before each item. Just click the various buttons and then make sure to click the Update Buttons link at the bottom to save your changes.
If you are unsure which button is for which list then just hover your mouse over each button and a tooltip will appear.

[Sharing Your Wish List[
You can share your Wish List with others by enabling it on the MyAccount page. A link to your Wish list will then appear on your WebUser Profile page so others can see your list.

[Viewing items in your Lists[
On your MyAccount page are links to view your full Wish and Notify lists.
When using the search page you can specify the keywords 'got', 'wish', and 'notify' to select items within your lists. These keywords can be used along with other words to reduce the number of results.
For example: 'got porsche'
This will list all items in your Got list with the word Porsche in the description.

[Forgot my Password[
If you forgot your password just click on the Login page and fill out the Forgot Password form with your email address. You will be emailed your account password.

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