Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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#446214 The GMP announcement
Posted by
 on Friday Sep 08, 2017 at 09:12AM in response to #446210
Is NOT "phantom"....it has been
confirmed by GMP itself. They do plan to have distribution to the market in the very early part of 2018.Production assembly itself will begin within October.
The question now becomes to what extent is the photo shown by Techno a good representation of the model. Carmodel shows availability end of Sept/possibly early October?
The question before the collector community is now one of what do you wish to acquire ? RARE are quite expensive and do not show the quality of fit and finish one should see at the retail price point.GMP are about 4-5 months out at a much lower retail than the RARE offering, and state the detail level will equal the full opening 330P/312PB's. Then we have the Techno offering at about 235-250 USD retail ,but as a non-opening resin.
Waddaya want to have on your shelf ?
I like this kind of 'problem'
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