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#446223 I think I've said this a couple times but, the best way to
Posted by
[Philip Larsen[
 on Friday Sep 08, 2017 at 10:39PM in response to #446220
find out how the finished model looks is to look on Carmodel's website when the model is released for sale.
Carmodel uses Tecnomodel photos for future release photos, but when they list the model for sale they take their own detailed photos of the actual model from all angles
Being in Italy, they get the models before anyone else.

So no matter where you buy your model you can check what it will look like before your purchase. That's what I do.

My experience is the shape, and livery do not change, but I have seen the disappearance of rivets and some small details.

I guess they'd be better off using someone else's 1/43 model for a future release photo like some others makers do.

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